Adapt Platform


I designed the site for an Atlassian partner that provides the training, hosting, licensing, configuration, implementation and consulting for a majority of the Atlassian products. This site brings user experience and design to the forefront in order to differentiate them from their competition.


The briefing of this project, was to design a website and visual identity system for this new Adapt Platform. The platform was a part of CDG, and therefore did not require its own logo as a deliverable. I was asked to design the website from the ground up, taking responsibility for site copy, user experience, relevant visual identity, and user interface design. The main challenge, was creating a design style and identity that clarified this platform was for Atlassian products only. The measure of success for this project, was based upon providing users with all the information they would need on the website so that they would be able to make an informed decision on whether to use the Adapt Platform as their Atlassian provider. The idea I had for this project, was to create a user experience similar to that of software and how Atlassian software already functions. The reasoning behind this decision was so users had a cognitive connection in recognising the site as a software provider.




As I was responsible for bringing the concept to life, I went with a user experience design process. This involved creating user personas to shape the sitemap, functionality and eventually the user interface and it’s usability. Leading with user experience made the process of writing copy a lot easier, as the starting point was simply the names of each Atlassian product the platform would provide. As mentioned earlier, the angle I took was that of creating a software esque user experience to drive home to the users that Adapt Platform is a provider of only Atlassian products.

Interface Designs.


I’m proud of this project, as I was able to successfully merge passions across two disciplines of interface design. That of web design and software design. The project outcome exceeded my expectations in the sense that having full control over the art direction and styling of the interface, meant I was able to find a balance between personal aesthetic and an aesthetic that solves the needs of the user and client. The project was successful as it provided users with exactly the right kind of information they needed in a usability optimised experience, so that they were able to make an informed decision on whether or not they would use Adapt Platform as their Atlassian provider. Personally the project is valuable, as I was able to experiment with web design unconventionally and learn further guidance when it comes to user interface design. Taking this software approach allowed me to push the boundaries and learn how software design guidelines can merge with web design. Commercially, the project is valuable as it provides an easy to navigate user experience so users can learn about and acquire Atlassian products from an Atlassian provider with minimal friction. Beyond final designs for the sites interface. User personas, sketches, sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes all went into making this project reach what is now, a one stop shop for all your Atlassian product needs.

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