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I designed the template site for partners of a manufacturer of high end consumer products in the audio and television industry. The request was for a website template redesign that echoed their flagship site and that each distribution store could adopt and use.


The briefing of this project, was to design a template e-commerce site that would be an upgrade on the user experience and usability from the previous template that each UK distribution store was using. The deliverables I was asked to provide for this brief, included creating a new interface design template and new user experience. The main challenge, was creating a design system that worked across the website for every store, whilst still making sure the user knew what store they were on. The measure of success for the project, was based upon improving the user experience from the last template and hence improve user conversion rates on the site. This redesign project was a scope of work extension on the GSMJ Solutions Partner portal I had previously made on behalf of Glenfield. Because of the ties between this templated website and the Partner Portal, I had the idea to use the same layout configuration that the Partner Portal uses, in order to tie the two platforms together and build an identity system around Bang & Olufsen partners.




Being responsible for designing the template and creating a new user journey, I drove this project through a user experience led process. This involved diagnosing the pain points from the existing template, and creating user personas to shape a new user journey, sitemap and eventually a user interface. The approach I took, was based off of creating an identity system that connected this template site with the partner portal, a project you can read more about here.

Interface Designs.


I’m proud of the result of this project, as I was able to create a user experience that customers can intuitively use without the headache of struggling to find specific content. The project exceeded my expectations in terms of how well the interface translated responsively for mobile. Translating a software aesthetic to being mobile responsive can be challenging, but I feel in this case I accomplished and overcame that challenge. The project was a success as it showed promise of improving the experience users had compared with the old template and as a result, showed promise of increasing the conversion rates of users visiting each of the respected partner sites. Personally, the project is valuable as it allowed me to further explore and experience user interface design in the context of e-commerce. Commercially, the project is valuable as it brings Bang & Olufsen’s partner’s branding, back in line with the flagship site and solves the problem of potential disconnect across the Bang & Olufsen brand. Beyond the interface design for a new e-commerce template. Exploration for e-commerce interface guidelines and usability best practices went into making this project reach what is now, a unified brand experience across Bang & Olufsen partner websites.

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