I designed an online appointment app that allows users to book appointment based services at their desired location from anywhere at anytime. This is a new and centralised go-to app for consumers and businesses looking to book and manage appointments online.


The briefing for this project, started with the client requesting the creation of an online booking appointment platform that the general public could use, and that business owners could sign up to in order to list their business and take bookings for their services. Deliverables from this request meant I was responsible for coming up with and providing the features, user journey, and user interface for this booking system’s mobile app, plus the logo and relevant identity around the platform. The concept works by allowing business users to list their business plus services, inclusive of details such as time based availability and the individual staff member who would deal with that appointment. These services are then available for members of the general public to book appointments of listed services and manage said bookings all through the one mobile app. The main challenge, was making the user journey simple and intuitive enough so that business owners would go through the process of submitting and managing their business plus services on to the mobile app. The measure of success was to see whether or not this platform would increase the traffic and general number of customer bookings for the listed businesses on the app. Going into this project, I knew that all functionality had to be intuitive and as easy as possible to use due to its potential for mass adoption from businesses owners plus their employees and the general public.




Beyond the initial discovery phase of gaining insight into what users would want from an online booking app. The process of creating user personas, sitemaps and producing wireframe prototypes shaped the creation of the user journey and user interface design. Due to the request to keep the app corporate in it’s look and feel, I decided the best approach would be to keep to a minimal aesthetic in colour choice and layout as these two design components would help achieve an intuitive and easy to use app.

Interface Designs.


I feel proud of the result of this project, as I was able to demonstrate an ability to cover all touch points for both users in terms of coming up with platform features. And with this, created an intuitive interface to compliment said features. The result did exceed my expectations in sheer scale, as the user journey had to cater for the administrative back end as well as the front end management side, all within the one app. I believe the project to be a success, as the field tested users voiced their excitement in adopting the platform when it launches. Beyond that, the project was a success as it developed my vision and scope for understanding how software services can be suitable for mass market potential, and the potential of avenues that lies within a white-labeled product idea. The personal value this project has provided, is that of further developing my ability to diagnose and solve business problems for mobile app solutions. Consumer wise, this project provides value as it bridges the disconnect that users previously faced when searching for and booking appointments online. It also opens businesses up for new customer opportunity through the platforms service based searching functionality. Beyond the design of a mobile app. Logo design, icon design, user personas, sketches, sitemaps, wireframes, and prototypes all went into making this project reach what is now, a new and centralised way to book appointment based services online.

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