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I redesigned the website of a family run consumer electronics business that set up shop in the 1930’s. This new redesign of their online store, improved user’s online experience and is set to generate a greater volume of online sales going forward.


The brief was to redesign E.B. Marsh’s online store and re-think the online user journey and experience. Being a family run business, they wanted to keep sight of their heritage in the redesign and improve their image as a competitor in the consumer electronic industry. I was asked to lead this redesign and take responsibility for the user experience, user journey and user interface design of the project. The main challenge, was addressing the aesthetic ode to their heritage whilst also striving to create a user experience that would provide them with a competitive advantage. Success for the project rested upon an improved user journey and experience of the site to increase the number of online sales. The idea I had, was to take an approach with usability that echoed some of the most successful e-commerce competitors.




Leading this project, I took the approach of going through a user experience led process. Beyond a diagnostic discovery phase, this process involved creating user personas to influence the user journey, the sitemap and the proceeding wireframes plus interface designs. Something surprising that I noticed, was the bespoke nature I needed to take for many of the product pages. This was down to the fact that the content provided by distributors varied in complexity all of which needed to be avilable on the site in order to be eligible for retail.

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I’m proud of the result of this project, as I was able to fully explore my passion in user interface design, and experience the whole redesign process of an e-commerce store. The result exceeded my expectations in terms of sheer scale. Being a site that hosts nearly a 1000 products, I had to consider the user experience and interface design for numerous accounts of product page instances, as not all content fits one page structure. The project was considered a success as the user testing showed promise of improved usability and an increased likelihood for client conversion rates. Personally the project is valuable, as it allowed me to experience designing for an e-commerce experience in the circumstances of a redesign. This allowed me to diagnose what had been done before and improve with solutions that focused on the usability and experience of the user journey. Commercially, the project is valuable as the new and improved user experience and interface has leveled the playing field amongst competition, meaning a greater chance of scoring new clients. Beyond final designs of the sites interface. User personas, sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes and usability best practices all went into making this project reach what is now, the potential to make E.B. Marsh & Son a leading competitor in the consumer electronics business.

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