Game of Chores

Game of Chores

I designed an app that makes chores both fun and rewarding for everyone in the family. By gamifying a task management system, Game of Chores is the ‘Go to’ app for household chores.


I was asked by the client, to bring to life and design from the ground up, a mobile app that gamifies a task management system in order to make household chores fun for both parents and kids of families. Deliverables of this request transcended into creating the logo and artwork for the Game of Chores brand, designing the user journey, features and interface for the tablet app, mobile app and website, and creating marketing plus social media content to kick off the app’s launch campaign. The concept works by allowing users to join and create houses under ‘admin’ or ‘participant’ roles. ‘Admins’ can assign chores with in-app incentives to ‘participants’, who spend this in-app incentive on unlocking characters. ‘Admins’ can also use the chores to build achievements that reflect real-world incentives along with in-app incentives. The main challenge for this project was coming up with an appropriate art direction that would appeal to and engage both young and older demographics. The measure of success for the project rested upon whether a majority of users would recommend the app on to their family members and friends. Going in to this project, I knew that the success of Game of Chores long term, laid upon how easy the system was to use and whether users cared enough about the engaging art style and how that translated in to character unlocks.




Beyond the initial discovery phase, the project process evolved from sketches and wireframe prototypes based upon user personas. The angle I took for this project was one of referencing pop culture in the art style to build instant familiarity. The referenced overall theme will be noticeable for those familiar with one of the hugely popular HBO TV series. Also mixed into the art style, are areas of popular culture such as a pop vinyl aesthetic that younger audiences are more exposed to. I went with this approach in order to appeal to the young demographic whilst still gaining the popularity of older demographics.

Interface Designs.



This is a project I am really proud of, as I was able to build a brand and app from the ground up and take full ownership of the process plus deliverables. This was my first time creating interfaces that were artwork driven and the result exceeded my expectations. I’m grateful that I was able to use the experience to further my skills when it comes to designing for mobile. I would deem the project as a success as many users who have had the chance to experience the app have voiced excitement in wanting to use the full release within their own household. Beyond this, promising success has come through the attention Game of Chores has received from the global network Disney. This project is valuable as it led me to an avenue of user interface design that I was yet to explore. One of heavy artwork usage. Game of Chores has allowed me to personally develop my process and passion for mobile app design. Beyond final designs of the mobile and tablet app. Logo design, brand identity, user personas, sketches, sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes, and an MVP all went into making this project reach what is now, a gamified task management system with huge user potential. 

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