Partner Portal

Partner Portal

I designed the Partner Portal that allows Bang & Olufsen Partners to manage a multitude of product and stock based queries. This software will streamline and improve how Bang & Olufsen partners operate.


The briefing of this project, was to design the user interface and logo for a Bang & Olufsen Partner Portal on behalf of Glenfield Software. This Partner Portal was to fall under the new merging company name ‘GSMJ Solutions’. The stage of the project when it arrived in my hands was already part way through development, and I was to design a new user interface based upon a developed MVP and the functionality the existing MVP had. This request for a user interface design based off the MVP, had meant the user experience process had been taken care of by someone else. The main challenge for the design, was being able to design for a system that I was restricted from knowing much about asides from surface level functionality. The measure of success for the project was based upon how intuitive the interface was for new users, so that as little training as possible was needed to get users familiar with the software and its functionality. My expectations for the project was that I needed to work to the guidelines of dashboard design systems as this was what the MVP had developed into.




The process for the project simply involved a practical tail-end design process as opposed to my typical process of following a diagnostic and user experience led approach. For this reason, the project had a reasonably quick turnaround time as there was just the need for a complete and intuitive interface design without the preceding wireframes and sketches. Something I noticed on this project, was just how quickly I was able to produce and provide the deliverables as all I was responsible for focusing on, besides logo design, was the interface design itself. The design approach I took was one of clear and consistent labelling. I did this because a common pain point with new software is confusion when it comes to unclear functionality, which costs companies that use the software, time and money in providing learning resources for staff.

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I’m proud of the result of this project, as it allowed me to improve upon the fundamentals of dashboard design I had learned and picked up during my work on Payflic. The result did exceed my expectations in the sense of how quickly I was able to provide fully signed-off designs for the client. This was mostly down to the fact that I wasn’t responsible for leading and shaping the user journey, as that already existed from the MVP. The project was a success as the field tested users made it clear that the interface was easy to understand, regardless of what page they were on. Personally, the project has value as it has allowed me to fine-tune my design practice and understanding for interface design of dashboard systems, a niche that I am finding a passion for. Consumer-wise, the project has value as it improves the workflow for Bang & Olufsen partners at a supply chain level. Beyond the logo and design of a user interface. Curiosity for dashboard interface guidelines and usability best practices went into making this project reach what is now, a new way Bang & Olufsen partners can manage product and stock-based queries.

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