I designed an e-commerce platform that works off of social media channels, and allows retailers, content creators and buyers to all operate in the same space. This app will change how you shop online.


The briefing for this project started with the client having a startup idea and surface level functionality plans for a social commerce platform that would centralise the buying and selling of consumer goods through influencers. The concept would work by allowing ‘Influencers’ to create a listing of ‘Merchant’ products in a Payflic generated QR code, which they would then attach to their relevant image or video content to be posted on their social media platform of choice. Screenshotting QR coded content as a consumer, makes the content shoppable as Payflic would retrieve the listed products from the QR coded screenshot and provide consumers with a populated shoppable experience when opening the Payflic app. I was responsible for designing two major components. The mobile app’s user interface, user journey and user experience. As well as the user interface plus user journey for the software/ web based platform that would be available to just ‘Influencers’ and ‘Merchants’ through the website. The main challenge was making the mobile app functional and optimised for the three separate user journeys of a ‘buyer’, ‘influencer’ and a ‘merchant’. The measure of success for the project was whether Payflic showed potential to outperform and be the preferred outlet over the native e-commerce functionality of social media platform’s. The idealistic measure of success was based on getting the platform adopted by enough users of the three user types so that it could grow exponentially and become the go-to app for influencer commerce. Going into this project, I knew the idea was yet to have a validated business model to drive the product to market and that the platform’s surface level functionality had been desirable for the product release, without prior research on competitor analysis and device limitations. I expected that this would cause a lot of hold-up when it came to syncing the user experience and interface design with desired functionality.

Web App Sitemaps.

Web App Wireframes.

Mobile App Sitemap.

Mobile App Wireframes.


This project began with a research and discovery phase, followed by an early user experience driven process that I took ownership of. This early user experience process involved creating user personas and site maps to drive how the interface would eventually take shape. From discovery findings, I knew that the interface needed to balance a simple yet engaging aesthetic, as it was the consumer goods themselves that users wanted to take notice to.

Interface Designs.


I’m proud of the result of this project, as it is the first cross-platform app and scalable UI project I had the privelage of designing for in my career. Throughout the process, I actively had to learn and did learn a lot about designing for mobile apps. Within weeks of completion, I was already reflecting on how to improve the user experience and aesthetic for potential future releases. The outcome exceeded my expectations and served as a great learning opportunity to discover my true passion for designing user interfaces. Payflic shows potential for success, as it allows for a seamless shopping experience between consuming social media content, and being able to purchase from that content with as few clicks as possible. Personally, the project is valuable as it served as the foundation for my career in user interface design and led me to find my passion of mobile app design. Consumer-wise, the project is valuable as it allows ‘influencers’, ‘merchants’ and ‘buyers’ to all operate on the one platform, hence reducing friction between communication, payments and trust. Beyond the final design. User personas, sketches, sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes, and an MVP all went into making this project reach what is now, a fully-fledged social commerce platform.

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