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I designed a homepage layout customisation tool that eases clients in to the buying process of websites by allowing users to create their own configuration. This tool will change how you sell websites to your customers.


The briefing of this project, was to build a customisation based sales tool that would assist client engagement and help sell the website services that this digital agency provided. I was asked to build the concept from the ground up and shape the user journey plus functionality of the product and in doing so, provide designs for the user interface. The concept would work, by starting as a ‘project quote’ based system that runs users through a selection screen process where they indicate their budget and the type of site and pages they want etc on their new website. Following on from the selection process, the user would be run through a component based customisation experience for their own website’s homepage layout. This process provides prompts to educate and help inform the decision making process for each component. When the client is happy with the homepage layout they have built, they move on to the process of verifying their wish to take the engagement further and will hence be manually provided with a proposal and second stage meeting in the following few days of submitting their creation. The main challenge was finding a way to educate users into making informed decisions on custom components they selected to build their homepage. The measure of success, was whether or not this tool could help close more client deals and educate clients on the anatomy of their home page. The idea I had going into this project, was to create a tool that makes the building of a Home Page, a customisable yet educational experience that could increase and close a greater number of leads for the agency.




The process I took for project stemmed from a user experience approach. By using research and creating user personas, I was able map out a user journey, product functionality and a sitemap for how the sales tool was going to work. This process serves as the common foundation for how I design and build most UI based prototypes. The angle I took, was one of mapping out a clear progression system, so that the user could always know exactly what the next step is that they had to take. This was partly achieved through a minimal and monochrome aesthetic, a choice that was justified through understanding usability best practices.

Interface Designs.


I’m proud of this project as it allowed me to take ownership of the idea and meant I was responsible for exploring the user journey, functionality and proceeding interface design. It exceeded my expectations in the sense that I was able to create a tool that has such diverse potential when it comes to being a re-sellable product. For example, other agencies can use the tool themselves and upload their own UI libraries and go on to sell websites to their own clients. The project has been a success as when the tool has been tested and used in conjunction with diagnosing the clients business pain-points, there has been an improved relationship and dialogue between the agency and the client. This whole process has deepened my understanding and honed my practical expertise for each individual component that goes into making the layout for a home page due to the need to build up a library of user interface components. Consumer wise, the project is valuable as it solves the issue of being able to articulate web services to the clients that are new to the website process. Beyond final designs of the software. User personas, sketches, sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes and usability best practices all went into making this project reach what is now, a sales tool that eases clients in to the buying process of website services.

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