About me.

I’m Andrew Pierce, a user interface designer born and raised in London, currently living in Stockholm. In the past, I have been at CDG and Tru-Digital as a User Interface Designer, with the privilege of solving business problems for clients through a user experience led process. These days I'm working with some of Sweden’s top enterprises on behalf of Deloitte AB as a Visual / User Experience Design consultant. I found my passion for design through studying in high school and gathered my first client experiences working in agency environments. I haven’t stopped learning about design in the technology space ever since. Other than sitting in front of my display, I find joy in backpacking, music events, weight training, and casual sports with friends. I live to learn and tend to fully commit myself to new interests out of curiosity.

Client’s I have worked with.

What people say.

“Andrew is conscientious and very good at anticipating the requests coming through the pipeline. His creative ability is fantastic and he has shown a clear proficiency for taking concepts and developing them into fully fledged products - Game of Chores, Bookable, Adapt and so on have all been superb. He is very quick to grasp ideas and product goals and translate these into user journeys and experiences.”

- Sam Millis, Product Manager - Emsi UK

“Andrew always produced great work on the projects I was involved in – Very thorough work with great research, planning and execution. Also, he is always willing to go the extra mile and is very organised.”

- Miguel Oliveira, Client Manager - BNP Paribas

“Andrew has kept ahead of the ever-changing business requirements of PayFlic and has even immersed himself into the development process to ensure his graphic design work is synonymous with what PayFlic needs. He has remained professional and focused on the task in hand; this is apparent in the outstanding work he has produced. He has a clear ability to take a rough ideas/designs (provided by me) and create industry standard UI's and layouts.  He has repeatedly outdone expectations and even accomplished the impossible.... pleasing a fussy bugger like me!”

- Ben Goodenough, Founder & CEO - PayFlic

“The work he has produced has been of the highest quality and I know I can rely on him to understand a brief. He’s also shown a good understanding of UI and app design, which obviously benefits us.”

- Tim Rayers, Senior UI Developer - CDG

Below are 5 true facts about me, as writing extended biographies isn’t really my thing.

- 1 -

I try to travel to a new country at least once a year.

- 2 -

I moved from London, England when I was 23.

- 3 -

My favourite number is 26.

- 4 -

I genuinely enjoy learning about the business of design.

(My go-to book right now on the topic is Blair Enns ‘The Win Without Pitching Manifesto’)

- 5 -

I have a deep-seated love for boardsports.


I’m not actively seeking any mobile-app or website design projects but if you'd like to talk about a project you want help with or need advice on, just drop me a message at andrew_pierce@hotmail.co.uk.